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About Us 

We began making our full-flavoured fruit teas in the 1970s and the vibrancy and excitement of that decade continues to inspire us today.

In London our founder, Martin, first setup a small tea business after discovering the best ways to ‘lock in’ flavour to fruit and herbal infusions, creating exciting tea blends that deliver on both aroma and taste.


Originally named ‘London Herb & Spice’ the business grew from strength to strength. Still today, as the London Fruit & Herb Company, we’re passionate about creating intensely flavourful, fruity experiences.

When it comes to our tea blends, we’re perfectionists. We only use the finest fruitiest ingredients and we meticulously craft our recipes, so you get the most out of every sip.

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Asset 32 - Curl and Leaf BLUE_edited.png
Asset 33 - Curl 4 PEP_edited.png
Asset 35 - Curl 5 LIME.png
Asset 32 - Curl and Leaf STRAW.png
Asset 35 - Curl 5 CAM_edited.png
Asset 25 - Orange or Lime Wedge LEMON_ed
Asset 40 - Strawberry STRAW_edited.png
Asset 47 - Camomile Flower CAM.png
Asset 19 - Bursting with fruit MIXED.png
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